Pleasure Objects



Pleasure Objects is a group exhibition curated by Natalie Mik, a Los Angeles based sociologist and writer, who uses art for interdisciplinary research and gender studies. Pleasure Objects brings together two artists and cultural producers, Alyssa Arney and Liz Flynn that utilize the crochet practice to explore issues of food consumption in the form of five sculptural art installations.

Bright and colorful crocheted art objects come together in carefully arranged sculptural displays that further delve into material concerns in regard to craft and feminist art practice. Reminiscent of the art historical tradition of still life painting, these crocheted arrangements transport the food object into new territory, questioning conventional boundaries of craft and delving into social issues related to food. Gluttony and obesity as well as food as a symbol of waste and excess are only a few of the various topics that Pleasure Objects wants to engage its audience with.

Partial proceeds of the art sales benefit the local non-profit organization Latino Health Access and their bilingual education program ‘Healthy Weight’ that assists children and their parents in the Santa Ana community to overcome obesity.

Text provided by Natalie Mik

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