BAKED at Mr. B Bakery

You might think creating a site-specific fiber art installation for a bakery a strange venue, but Threadwinners, the moniker that Liz and I work under collectively, don’t.

Jared Green, contributing writer for The Dirt, cites Penny Bach as to why public art is important, “…(it) occupies a unique position within the art world. In comparison with big-name gallery shows, public art is often ‘under appreciated’…but there’s lots to applaud: ‘It’s free. There are no tickets. People don’t have to dress up. You can view it alone or in groups. It’s open to everyone.”

The article continues on with a discussion on public art creating a sense of place for the people of the community, the landmark being a place of comfort, identity, pride, history, gathering etc. I think installing our work in this area made me feel a little more comfortable in terms of feeling a sense of belonging. My income bracket wouldn’t even come close to supporting any of the businesses that you’d find in that area. But somehow installing our piece and seeing something that we can relate to made me feel a sense of welcome and safety. And it is our hope that others in the area that are either residents or a passerby can also appreciate.

Although our aesthetic seems wildly different in comparison to the Rodeo Dr. area, Liz and I won’t be intimidated to represent the makers and fiber arts aesthetic that is alive and well in the LA and OC areas. People should be held witness to the diversity of the artists that live among them and if we are able to be that nexus for a new perspective on art and art materials, we’ll be glad to. I think these statements resonate so strongly when considering the relationship of the area to that of mine and Liz’s somewhat lowbrow aesthetic. Beverly Hills, the epicenter for the rich and the elite, is now a city we have infused with our art and can check off the art venue bucket list.

Mr. B Bakery, caddy corner to Anastasia Beverly Hills and Rodeo Dr., where Salvador Dali’s public sculptures are currently on view, is the inconspicuous bakery we teamed up with in order to realize our vision of an oven vomiting up a rainbow of confectionary delights. The piece is a reflection on the double entendre of the word BAKED which we chose as the title of the installation, as well as metaphorically and symbolically depicting consumerism, consumption/the munchies, gluttony, and capitalism.

The installation will be up until December 31st, so please check it out if you are in the area!

9667 1/2 Wilshire Blvd  Beverly HIlls, Ca 90210

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